Eastbury Comprehensive School Art department would like to say a huge thank you to NADFAS and The Campaign for Drawing for our Young Arts Award and prize money yesterday. This is our first time entering The Big Draw and it has been a real success; the fun we had in creating collaborative  art was a joy. We ran a number of different activities in school over the course of The Big Draw month such as large scale playground chalk drawings, continuous line sketches at break and drawing with light in our darkroom; but the real highlight was the ambitious and successful digital animation project. This work depended on the whole of year 8 taking part and the specialist teaching skills of Darren Bartholomew and resulted in the rotoscoped animation video.  The students and staff worked together over the course of a half term to add their drawings to the project in their tutor periods and resulted in an animation that involved the artistic input many.  Eastbury are very proud and pleased to have taken part in something so exciting and meaningful but also to have be successful applicants, it’s an honour. As head of the Art department I recognise the value of creativity so to work with other professionals who share those ideals is wonderful.  The award ceremony was an inspiration, seeing the wonderful collaborative projects undertaken by others is further incentive to build upon this experience and start planning for this year’s Big Draw. 

Jen Higginson, Head of Art, Eastbury Comprehesive School

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